Chevon is meat from goats under one year of age, ours is from kids raised on pasture and their dam's milk. The meat is very tender and mild flavored - more similar to veal than to lamb.

Ground $9/lb         Cubed Boneless Sirloin $10/lb          Rib Chops $9/lb Loin Chops $14/lb

If you are new to goat meat, you will be joining in with people around the world enjoying a meat that is lower in fat and cholesterol than chicken, and higher in many nutrients.  More people eat goat than any other meat!

Goat chops are excellent on the grill, cooked rare to medium.

Stews and braises are amazingly good, cooked low and slow with your choice of seasoning, from curries to wine.

Ground goat goes well in meatloaf or meatballs; it's even better as a filling for leaf stuffing : chard, cabbage, or grape - mix it with rice, raisins and pine nuts and WOW. Very nice in chili and red sauce.

We love to make tamale pie or shepherd's pie with it too.

We will provide recipes and cooking support!